Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Take on the darkened Statue of Liberty

Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor, yearning to be free
Or just give us a big wall but make sure we get a few Mexicans to make sure the lawn is well kept.  
Who knows if the Statue of Liberty going dark was fine intentionally but the symbolism of it wasn't lost on anybody.  We are a country who stood for the little man, we stood up against tyranny and we fought for what was right and true.  We worked hard, we played (mostly) by the rules.  We made mistakes, some that are huge scars on our history but we also made progress the type that changed the course of history.  We've had good leaders and bad ones, we've had exceptional ones and deeply flawed ones, we had one who lead us for a decade and a half and ones who died almost immediately but our leader was always one who held the office in the highest regard. 

Our current president met with the head of TMZ yesterday, with a new healthcare plan on the table, new aggression of of North Korea, PhoneTapGate and everything else under the sun and he spent an hour with a website devoted to telling guy if Kim and Kanye are going to break up. 

Maybe the Statue of Liberty should take the next four years off, too 

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Desean Jackson to Tampa.