Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Take on China's AIDS brochure

As you leave China, right befor you go through customs, there is a table with some pamphlets on it, all intended to give vulnerable Chinese people some much needed information before they venture into the great unknown wilderness. There are ones about getting pick pocketed, there are ones about Zika and there is a stack of them about AIDS. Not since I was in the seventh grade, have I seen such scare tactics. They show loneliness, weird looking characters like that fox and wolf from Pinocchio and an Albert Einstein looking doctor telling young Chinese people to not stick their chopsticks into the noodle bowl of some weird duck. I applaud the vigilance, I am happy to see any country take health issues seriously but you'd think they could make the entire thing not look like a Saturday morning cartoon.

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Mr. R. Lee said...

Look on the bright side. Had this been Japan, for the AIDS brochure, there would be some weird Japanese manga cartoon with octopus tentacled-like monsters raping and mutilating a screaming girl in a sailor suit ... who then has a big wet, squirty orgasm on the next page while making baby "goo goo, gah gah" sounds.