Monday, March 13, 2017

Take on Peking Duck

Nothing is less appealing than having a full  duck head served on a giant lazy Susan between your bull balls and jelly fish.  The problem is that in China, there is always something that makes you want to puke all over the stained linens.    Peking Duck is just one of the nastiest looking things because it comes served whole and the charred crisp and looks like what you'd imagine what 70 year old Chinese Woman's wawa looks like.     The thing about Peking Duck is it that items fatty and disgusting, it's that it just looks like the turkey Clark served in Christmas Vacation if that bird had been caught swimming in lime green toxic swamp water. 

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Mr. R. Lee said...

Without the massage saunas (and the women who service the men there), KTV (and the women who service the men there), and brothels (and the women who service the men there), China would totally suck ass.

My dad always said that China had brought the world only 3 things: drugs, gambling, and prostitution. In his view, that was the sum total of contributions to the world from Chinese culture and history. LOl. 😂