Sunday, March 5, 2017

Take on the fasttrack backtrack

I guess we should have know this as students of The Art of the Deal but the more we get to know Trump, the more obvious it is that he constantly moves the goalposts. Yesterday he told us that he had evidence that Obama wire tapped his phones, an accusation which so far hasn't been backed up by anything and every person with any knowledge including Clapper has said it's a bunch of hogwash. This was the smokescreen as Trump has masterfully done before, change the narrative from his campaign's Russian involvement to something outrageous. The problem is when the White House was asked for even an inkling of evidence, they came up with nothing whatsoever. It's pretty clear that he got his. "Evidence" from Mark Levin which is like strong a literary recommendation from Donald Duck. This isn't surprising because, well Trump tends to lie, but when caught he usually retreats just enough to allow for wiggle room. See today he asked for a congressional inquiry as to whether Obama tapped his phones but this seems odd. Yesterday he was given evidence of it but today he is asking congress to investigate. If he has evidence, why do we need an inquiry? Obama should be convicted immediately and we can all start the process of healing.
But this is classic Trump, make an outrageous statement and then back off by saying that "very credible people are saying". This, of course, means nothing but that isn't important to a president who treats the press like dog poo and the constitution like the toilet paper to clean it up.
But hey, at least he told Arnold what a loser he is, Trump wins again

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Prolonged cocaine use leads to paranoia.