Saturday, March 4, 2017

Take on our unhinged president

Our president has gone totally nuts. He spent this Saturday morning throwing some pretty serious allegations at his predecessor without even the slightest grain of evidence. The problem with the tweets accusing Obama of watergate type phone-tapping is that anything that comes out of this is going to be damaging

If Trump is correct and Obama ordered this as some kind of political move, it would be the biggest political scandal and coverup since Watergate

If Trump is wrong it would be one of the great libelous accusations of all time and prove (again) that this man is not mentally equipped to hold the office

If Trump is half right that his phones were tapped, it would have happened from the justice department and only after getting a warrant from a sitting judge who would only have done so with some major probably cause. Which would likely mean that Trump's Russian ties are stronger than we feared

We are so screwed but at least SNL should be good

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Mr. R. Lee said...

SNL instead focused on Jeff Sessions in a weird Forrest Gump skit and then Kellyanne Conway's legs folded under. Total cop out, and Forrest Gump is completely out of date and irrelevant now.

But for Kenan Thompson, Michael Che on Weekend Update, and, every once in a while, Kate McKinnon, the cast of SNL kind of sucks ass.