Saturday, March 25, 2017

Take on the new Deadspin

First Deadspin had to deal with fallout of the Gawker-Hogan thing which meant its focus went from pure sports related fun to include some political and celebrity gossip, which I was fine with but certainly changed the experience. But now, they have added this gaming thing which will single handily bodyslam this website from my must-read list. It's not that I hate gaming, I do, but reading about it is as painful as it gets. Video games are absolutely dreadful and people who play them should all be leg-dropped till they faint. But if the people who play it aren't lame enough, there is nothing worse than reading about other people playing some virtual reality thing, it's like the section in the back pages of the paper that describe bridge.

1 comment:

Mr. R. Lee said...

I used to play StarCraft all the time...but that was when I was in college and bored.

I haven't touched a video game in like 20 years.