Friday, March 31, 2017

Take on the impartial investigation

When a congressman nobody ever heard of  told some MSNBC show that nobody watches that Devin Nunes "works for" and "answers to" the President it felt a bit odd.  
Not only does this break with the concept I learned in the 5th grade with a divison of powers through the three branches of government but it was odd in that it threw out any appearance of impartiality on a campaign Nunes is supposedly investigating.  Sadly I don't think this guy is much different that the rest of the morons in that chamber.  Maybe if we explained the divison of powers in song ( it could help then remember how it works 

But the bigger story is Nunes, who we all know is a Trump stooge and we'll likely see him tar and feathered for his role when Bannon, Kushner, Manafort, Stone and the rest of them get paraded in front of the media in handcuffs. But the real beauty will be when Big Don walks out in a jump suit which matches his complexion

It's coming, just a matter of time 

Remember the Mayflower Hotel

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Mr. R. Lee said...

Trump is too stupid to be able to mastermind anything of importance.

Thus, I can see the other sleazeballs ended up indicted or prosecuted, but not Trump. No one in any conspiracy would ever trust a loud, unpredictable moron like Trump to keep a secret.

Righetti said...

Trumo being too stupid the running theory of a number of writers including Mark Cuban and I can buy him. It being the mastermind behind it. The issue though is that Trump, although no genius, couls easily have a wink-wink agreement with Putin with Vlady holding the dossier over his head. Trump isn't into details, but he could be involved and maybe even planning or coordinating from a large picture perspective