Saturday, March 11, 2017

Take on Preet

I remember reading about Preet Bharara in the papers as he always in the process of taking down bad guys as well as bad guys who dressed like good guys. Trump, as his right, had asked him to stay on as US Attorney a few weeks ago, probably because he was ready to indict DeBlasio for some pay for play thing but something happened in the last month or so. Maybe Trump just wanted to purge any Obama loyal guys, maybe he had a better guy lined up or maybe it is because Trump Tower fell within his jurisdiction and the sharks were circling. Bharara didn't take the suggestion to resign but instead waited a few hours for Trump to go Apprentice on him and fire him. He may have won some new political clout as scars for standing up to Trump are certainly ones you want to show off or maybe he was just waiting for his pension but either way, Bharara is out and I expect Bo Dietl or Krusty the Clown to be sworn in any second.

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Mr. R. Lee said...

He probably just wanted to collect a few hundred dollars in unemployment insurance every couple of weeks. You can't collect unemployment benefits if you quit.