Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Take on t minutes two days

Two days left until we officially welcome in the Donald J Trump presidency and nobody knows quite what to expect. I'm thinking that there should be a fair amount of buyers remorse but that's probably because we all live in an echo chamber and don't quite know how the other side lives but this I'm sure of
Trump who has always been fast and loose on facts and fuzzy on details will have to really start governing. Maybe the economy and world will move along just fine as is but at some point he'll have to make some tough decisions and the dismantling of a number of federal agencies might be first on the list. Putting a replacement in front of the senate for Justice Scalia is probably something that will happened rather quickly, too. But the diet thing he is likely to do is ask Melanie to pee all over the presidential bed


Mr. R. Lee said...

As we have seen in the first 9 days, it has been an epic disaster so far. He had done everything he said he would in his campaign. In other words, he is trying to destroy America.

The end of days is near.

Righetti said...

It's all part of bannon's grand plan