Monday, January 23, 2017

Take on chivalry

Whoever said chivalry was dead??   Our president walked into the White House on Friday, hours before he was to be sworn in and left his wife thirty feet behind him.  Now this isn't the first time he has left a wife behind, but usually it's for a newer younger more Baltic version whereas this time he did it to get into his latests real estate venture.  Of course we know he's an absolute creep, so his lack of chivalry can't be surprising, shoot even his lack of common decency doesn't faze anybody anymore.  But this is life, we go from a family man with class, eloquence and grace who the party of family values ridiculed for eight years to the same guys embracing a guy who made his fortune on gambling and beauty contests.  Because a president known for swindling the little guy, shorting people who work for him and speaking like a drunken sailor are what all good Christians want to attain to. 

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I heard about that and saw that, too.

Von Clownstick treats her like a mid-level servant. And she just takes it. Part of the deal she made with her life.

Righetti said...

I can't imagine her actually having any desire to, you know, with him. But he's filthy rich and ridiculously powerful and people tend to fall for money and power