Sunday, January 29, 2017

Take on the ghost of Christmas past

As Donald Trump speaks on the phone with his compadre Vladdy Putin, the ghost of presidents past seemed to be hanging over the Oval Office. There was this creepy image of was probably the ghost of Abraham Lincoln staring over Trump and wondering what he has done. How one man in a system which supposedly has checks and balances could destroy the good will and decency of our country in eight short days is astounding. The veracity and the velocity of his recent Muslim ban being the worse of an already tumultuous start, I can only hope that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell start acting like the leaders they claim to be and take this president and inner circle of deplorables on

Just look at these fools. Giuliani admired it was a Muslim ban, Kushner has either had no influence or is as bad as the rest of them.
Rience Priebus can be seen in the back of the room probably trying to pull the atomic wedgie out of his five hole and Steve Bannon is probably lying in a corner with a forty of Olde English 800 and a garbage bag full of recyclables. And Kellyann Conway, she's probably plotting her revenge on Chuck Todd for calling her out for the lying wench that she is.

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Mr. R. Lee said...

How many days were the following presidents in office until they achieved a majority disapproval rating?

Reagan: 727 days
Bush Sr.: 1,336
Clinton: 573
Bush Jr.: 1,205
Obama: 936
Trump: 8