Sunday, January 22, 2017

Take on crowd size

Alternative Facts sound like the name of a crappy high school garage band like Incognito Retribution or The Nihilist's Symphony but apparently this one is actually real. Chuck Todd interviewed Kellyann Conway today and honestly it was masterful to see her at work. She deflected, turned the conversation and avoided any answer which left the viewer, and presumably Todd, ready to throw their morning slipper at the TV. What is bothersome is that the administration is so concerned at comparing penis sizes with anybody they see as a potential rival, I'm afraid that all we'll have for the next four (or, gasp, eight) years is just one blowup after another

Why Trump didn't just come out and say "we drew very well, maybe not as well as '09 but we all knew that was an historic event, one that was bigger than any standard inauguration. But with the amount of winning we'll be doing over the next four years, you can count on a crowd bigger than both the 09 and the 17 inaugurations combined. Now let's get to the important work of making this country great again"

But instead we get alternative facts

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