Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Take on the Russian connection

Great, apparently our president elect had a dirty Russian prostitute defecate on a bed at the Ritz Carlton once used by Barack and Michelle Obama and the Russians are planning on using the video of Trump and his call-girl to keep him inline.  I get that this could all be FAKE NEWS but I tend to think that when there is smoke, there is probably a hooker in a closet.  
The reports come from a former M16 operative  who's considered very reliable from our spy guys, so that should make us all sleep well at night
Let's guess how the next few months will go...we will lift sanctions on Russia after the Crimea thing, we will push hard against the Chinese but will give a bunch of oligarchs a pass.  The entire Russian influence thing will disappear, people who are discussing ties to Russian mobsters will also disappear.   Trump will make a Thank You campaign stop in Brighton Beach, The IOC will retract their new findings of Russian doping.  We will weaken NATO, White Russians will be served at the inauguration, they will re-release Rocky IV with an alternative ending, I will still hate vodka, Mother Russia will release a photo of Putin hunting for dolphins while topless and before you know it a bunch of those -ikstan counties will fall back into the influence sphere.  The Americans will seem much less funny.  All because our new president banged a dirty hooker and make her shit on a bed.  Thanks Don

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Mr. R. Lee said...

It was hooker piss, not hooker shit.

But your point is well taken.