Monday, January 16, 2017

take on the Golden Boy

when golden-shower-gate came out last week, the world was aghast.   It was part horror of the thought of Trump directing a bunch of Russian prostitutes pee all over his bed and it was part horror with the thought that Putin would be able to use the information to blackball Trump.   But in true Trump fashion, he seems to have handled this entire controversy better than anybody could have imagined.    It's as if he wrote the script and is just playing the part, and he's now well prepared if the slow-drip turns into a steady stream of verified golden information

Even if this turns out to be true and the sadist in us is sort of hoping it is, it coming out in a slow-leak will work out in Trump's favor.   The initial shock is gone, I don't think anybody, even the most fervent Trump supporters would be completely shocked if it turns out to be true.  The sting would be gone, the nation will have already had it's laugh at Trump and we'll be back onto a new controversy.   
Secondly, the black, or I guess maybe yellow-mail angle will also be gone.   Because once it's out there that Trump likes a little extra mousse for his bouffant, there is really no way to use it against him privately.   It can obviously be a source of comedy and can still be embarrassing but you can't hold it over the guy's head if it's out there.. so maybe the leak was actually not from the CIA but from inside the golden tower...


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Mr. R. Lee said...

You are giving Fuckface Von Clownstick way too much credit.

He doesn't plan anything. He thinks zero steps ahead. Everything is just over the top reaction and pandering to the worst and lowest common denominator.