Saturday, January 21, 2017

Take on the inauguration balls

I've never watched a single inauguration ball and yesterday was no exception. I did see some highlights which showed our president moving like he has bricks tied to his feet as he waltzed with Melania in what can only be described as the most awkward 8th grade dance ever. Trump looks so odd with his yellow complexion, that weird bouffant, those little hands and those creepy eyes but I guess he can still land a hot chick, which is good to know.
We're now one day into the next four years and so far the "first day in office" edicts he was rallying about for months came down to signing the waivers for a couple of generals to serve in the cabinet and making a new Patriotic Day holiday which I always sort of thought we had already with the 4th of July. He also started dismantling Obamacare but we'll see what they replace it with before commenting and he told some National Parks website to stop tweeting about his little crowd and little hands


Mr. R. Lee said...

The GOP isn't replacing Obamacare with jack shit. They have no plan except to continue to be the Party of No.

It's over. We live in a joke of a world now.

Righetti said...

In the words of James Hetfield. "Sad but true"