Thursday, January 19, 2017

Take on Sally Jessie Perry

God, Rick Perry is a moron..  I'm not saying that he isn't smart, well yes I am, I'm saying that he is so greatly unqualified to run the Department of Energy it's frightening.   The last two secretaries included a physicist and Nobel Prize winner and a director of MIT, while Rick Perry puts on glasses to look smarter..   Rick Perry honestly thought that the secretary of energy was a cheerleader for the Oil and Gas industries which, sadly for Perry and us, it's not.   I mean this guy who also wanted to eliminate the department he'll likely head even when he couldn't actually recall its name when asked about it.
honestly Steve Perry might be more qualified, although Steve Perry has the same haircut as an 80s chick at a Poison concert, so he, too, has questionable style.

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Mr. R. Lee said...

My high school's Scholar Athlete Club was more academically accomplished than Drumpf's stupid cabinet.