Friday, January 6, 2017

Take on The Apprentice

Our president elect is so worried about ratings that even on the eve of his presidency, on the day the senate officially confirms his election, he is busy needling Schwarzenegger about his dismal ratings. I get that keeping his image and ratings as the highest in the show is important to his psyche but as a guy who has a) a more important job right now and b) still a financial stake in the show, why the hell is he bothering with this kind of "who has the bigger winkie" pissing match?
I'd have to think that in today's world, with the issues we are facing that he'd be hard at work building walls and bridges but instead he's glued to NBC...God Help us

1 comment:

Mr. R. Lee said...

I'm pretty sure the Governator has bigger hands than Von Clownstick.