Monday, January 9, 2017

Take on the piss covered seat confrontation

Nothing irks me more than seeing a grown man piss all over a toilet seat.  I thought this was disgusting when I was a teenager, found it offensive as a college kid but now as a father of three girls, this has to be one of the most despicable acts out there
I was having breakfast yesterday at a Wyndham hotel in Deerfield Beach when my two year old daughter told me she has to go to the bathroom.  I took her to the men's room in the lobby, check out the scene and notice one closed and one open stall.   I walk directly into the open stall and see some 50 year old meatball standing up and taking a leak with the seat down.  Now mind you this isn't 2am at a dive bar, this is 10am at a family hotel 

Righetti. Jesus dude, can you at least put the seat up
Florida Meatball  fuck you asshole what are you some kind of fucking creep

Righetti  I got a two year old daughter with me, she has to sit there

Meatball.  Fuck your and your fucking kid

Righetti.  What the hell man, any reason you have to curse she's right here and she has to go to the bathroom

Meatball.  Have your fucking wife take her

Righetti. Real classy man

Meatball. Fuck you

The weather is 80 degrees, there are girls in bikinis on the beach, the Dolphins are about to play a playoff game and this is what you get. 
Combine white trash with a beach front state and you get this crap.  

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I bet that fat, worthless, seat-pissing fuck is a Trump supporter.