Sunday, January 15, 2017

Take on the American Girl Store

If you want to torture a man, forget waterboarding, pulling his toenails out or sewing his five-hole shut and keep feeding him and feeding him. If you want to properly torture a man, get him up at 6 am on his. Roth day weekend to have brunch at the American Girl Store in NYC. It's a crowded, expensive tourist trap and that might be the best hung about it. Of course every girls needs to have her parents spend $25 to have their dolls hair did and another $5 to have her ears pierced and why not do that while you are having the worst eggs frittata I've ever had along with lukewarm coffee and a 350 calorie cinnamon bun thing. The good news is that baby Isabella gets to sit at the table with you, the bad news is that the baby chairs keep falling off the table which leads to thousands of 8 year olds cry in unison and a bunch of moms rushing to the specialty infirmary at $26/visit. Of course you can also have your birthday party there, which sounds fun except that the waiter is hung over and reeks of weed and is about as cheerful as the waiter at Friday's when he has to sing his birthday song.
But don't worry, after waiting on the salon line, there will be thousands of $35 outfits to try on for little Isabella, plus a horse to ride and a dog to pick up after. It's like real life except worse


Mr. R. Lee said...

For the longest time, I thought American Girl was just a doll store. Like an FAO Schwartz just for girls.

I didn't know they sold clothes. Stupid. Like females don't have enough clothing stores.

Righetti said...

This place is hell on earth