Thursday, January 12, 2017

Take on Mike and Mike without Mike

With the departure of Mike Greenberg, the Mike and Mike show can somehow get worse. I'm not sure why ESPN has in store but these two lovable losers have held their spot in morning drive for more than a decade, so there will certainly be some upheaval. Never controversial, sophomoric or even very interesting, the show has always relied in lame " he is a metrosexual" while "he is an oaf" humor which is as riveting as watching paint dry on a woman's toenail.
I'm not sure how the show survives without the Mike in Mike and Mike, maybe they go to another Mike or change it to Mike and Mic or something lame but I'm sure I won't be listening as hearing Golic utter "listen gang, this is not about the future but about the other future" is like poking yourself in the eardrums with a turkey leg

If there was only some blowhard about to retire from his gig who could fill their spot.

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Mr. R. Lee said...

This would be a perfect job for Dan Patrickor Rich Eisen. One of the old ESPN guys from the '80s.
Maybe even Craig Kilborne.