Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Take on the tightening election

Every day that we get closer to Election Day is a day my anxiety rises and my need to blame somebody increases.   First I blamed Trump for being..Trump but that just isn't it.  He's the symptom of a bigger problem.   I then went to blame the GOP for allowing this buffoon to take their mantle, I then blamed the media for not vetting him early enough, then I blamed the primary voters for allowing to get this far.  Last week I blamed Gary Johnson and his supporters and now I've come all the way around and am blaming Hillary.   
I cannot think of a single good reason why she set up that server, it shows at best very poor judgement and at worst is Nixonian.   Hillary is no idiot, so a good argument cannot be made that she thought this was a good idea or didn't think it was a good idea especially because everybody knew she was eyeing another White House run.   So she must have known that this could have come out, so that just makes it worse, she did it fully aware the political ridge it would involve and still decided to go through with it. 
Nothing in the leaked emails have been that bad which proves again that the coverup is worse than the crime and if she blows this thing, I will never forgive her because she would have lost on the dumbest of things.  Like a balk or an unsportsmanlike penalty.  
This single issue just exemplifies why this county hates about the Clintons, that they feel they are above the law. 
But I still have faith that the American people are going to vote their conscious and refute everything that this egomaniacal, narcissistic, ignorant orange faced buffoon stands for. Just get me to Wednesday 

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