Sunday, November 20, 2016

Take on Big Chris

Politico had a feature this weekend about the rise and fall of Chris Christie within the Trump transition team which felt like a man who show up to a buffet line and being told they are all sold out.   Big Chris's transition team was apparently stuffed with more insiders and lobbyists than a thanksgiving turkey which didn't sit well with Trump as those were the very groups that he campaigned against.   The other thing about Big Chris was that he's got that 300 pound BO NJ Turnpike level stench of Bridgegate that nobody wants a part of.  The combination of the two made Chris so toxic that Trump had to clear the room which is appropriate since Chris has been known to clear a few rooms with his own toxins. 

But compared to a few others that are being tossed around, he is sort of competent, even if he is a sleazy tub of lard.  Unlike a couple of them (Sessions and Bannon) he isn't an overt racist.  And unlike his butt buddy Rudy, he doesn't have foreign money ties unless you count Chinese Take out.  He doesn't have any completely wacky religious things,  He hasn't been all bad for the state, so there's that.  

So I guess I'd be fine with Big Chris in some role, just not as secretary of transportation 

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