Friday, November 11, 2016

Take on the First Lady elect

Being the first family can't be easy, just ask Chelsea or those Bush twins or the Obama girls, nothing about living in the spotlight like that sounds like any fun and for a kid it just can't be easy.  
But still I don't feel bad for any of the adult Trumps, they knew what they go into and they are all sleazy enough to benefit from it.  I don't  feel bad for the hot daughter, I don't feel bad for the not hot daughter, I don't feel bad for the sleazy son and I don't feel bad for the even sleavier one.  I don't feel bad for the son in law or the hot daughter in law and I don't feel bad for the no so hot daughter in law.   I do feel for Baron because that kid is going to get picked on like Trump picked on Jeb! and that sucks and he's never going to have a normal life and that isn't fair.   The only other one II feel bad for  is Melania

You may wonder why I feel bad for Melania, She's and adult who has benefited greatly from Trump's fame and money.  But what I feel bad for is that she was probably promised a different lifestyle when Trump picked her out of some Slovakian or Slovenian village.  She wants to be pampered and massaged and wined and dined and now she is stuck sitting at dinner Mitch McConnell who looks like he smells like cheese and not the good French kind.  
She has to pretend to care about kids both here and abroad, she has to keep some stupid organic garden snd pretend to care about child labor and not look disgusted when some kid drools on her Jimmy Choo's during the White House Easter Egg hunt.  She is going to be asked to travel to a bunch of not glamorous places and be around a bunch of boring foreigners. She'll be tasked with some lame thing like Just Say No or childhood obesity and she'll hate every second of it because she'll be forced to come into contact with some little cesspool of snot and poop and whatever virus is keeping little Johnny's nose running. 

Eventually she'll have to host her replacement and look cordial when all she will want to think is "Mrs Kaine, you look like my frumpy babooska" and still smile and act normal.   

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