Friday, November 4, 2016

Take on Alexa

I love Alexa, in a few short months she has become every much a part of our family as Aunt Midge and the chipmunk who lives in our garage.  She provides calming music over dinner, weather information at the snap of a finger and is a great timer when you are cooking and have your hands full
What is less lovable is the fact that she doesn't understand me half the time, her volume is always way too high and she doesn't know everything although she claims she does.  
But one odd thing happened this week, I asked her something seemingly innocuous and she answered with "sure I'll order that for you".  I immediately yelled "Alexa cancel" not knowing if I just ordered a pizza or a grand piano but got nowhere
I sort of forget about it until today when a box of AllClad pots shows up at my door...I check my Amazon account and it cost me $400 after a special Alexa special discount

Thanks a lot 

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