Monday, November 28, 2016

Take on Kellyann Conway

Kellyann Conway is one of the reasons we will have Donald Trump as Presidente in a few short weeks as she was one of the few people who were able to corral him and keep him on message.  She was a fierce defender and loyalist (after she was originally a big Ted Cruz Anti Trumpette) but recently has gone rogue with her criticism of the possible choice of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. 
I guess she needed to quell the notion that there was some kind of rift between her at the PEOTUS, so she tweeted out a picture of her and Trump staring at a MacBook like two teenage kids staring at porn. 

This photo is odd in a few ways

- Trump always claims to have never used a computer while this photo certainly implies he is using one, although it does kind of look like a 70 year old grandmother trying to figure out the new iOS

- he apparently has gotten rid of his MAGA hats and replaced them with big ugly USA hats.  Gotta say the guy is consistent in his choice of head wear

- Kellyann always has that look on her face like somebody farted near her but because she's had so much Botox, she can't quite make the "something stinks" face.  I'd hate to not be able to make that face

- the tableau is interesting in that it is almost completely devoid of the color blue.  Between Conway's red suit, Trump's red tie, that ugly red hat and those two mahogany boxes upon the burnt orange table it looks like the inside of Donna Brazile's own personal hell.  

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