Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Take on Palin

Donald Trump has told us time and time again that the veterans affairs department is a complete disaster and a disgrace to the veterans who who will tell you only he seems to care about.  Well except if they are captured during war time and spend any time as a POW, then he doesn't very much care for you.   But what better way to fix a troubled department than by putting the hocky Lame Stream Media fighting, rhyme spouting hockey mom in charge.  This is a woman who put an airplane on eBay, this is a woman who could see Putin from her bedroom window, this is a woman who couldn't identify a single newspaper she reads regularly.   This is a woman so incompetent that somehow she went from the highest profile republican to some chick who looks like she smells weird in a matter of months.  
Yes, that is the one we need in charge of anything.  

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