Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Take on The Conversation

How am I going to explain this to my daughters???
My two year old is too young to understand; my four year old also but my seven year old certainly does.   She doesn't understand the larger repercussions, she doesn't know the gravity but she will.   She will feel it, she will know that we haven't made the progress that my wife, my mom, my grandmother thought they made.  She will know, in her heart, that her country still thinks it's ok to denigrate her.  

It's not that a woman didn't win, it is that a misogynists did.  I could have explained Jeb!, or W or even Ted Cruz but I cannot explain how we, as the most diverse country in the world, can be so accepting of something so rotten.  
I don't know what I will tell her other than that I'm sorry that she will wake up tomorrow and know that this is the will of the people, that this is now OK.  That preying on women, that calling them pigs and dogs is apparently acceptable, that threatening to rape them is just locker room talk that can be laughed off. 
How can I explain that any college educated woman voted for this man?  How can I explain that a college educated man did?   I expected that the uneducated would, but how does somebody with an advanced degree, a supposed view of the world and of history, somebody with a sense of decency, stand in a booth a pull the tab down for a man like this?

What is wrong with our country that this is acceptable

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