Sunday, November 13, 2016

Take on the Swamp

The most appealing thought about Donald Trump was certainly the Drain the Swamp thing, as thee is nobody outside of Mitch McConnell's mother who wants to see any of these guys stick around Washington. 
I was half expecting a cabinet of Jared Kushner, Howard Stern and Omarosa.  But instead we're probably going to be stuck with Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State, Jeff Sessions as head of homeland security and Rience Priebus as Chief of Staff.    How exactly are you draining a swamp when the Chris Christie's fat ass is stuffing he drain?!?   There literally is no more of an insider than the head of the RNC or the DNC would be, Gingrich was speaker of the house and Jeff Sessions makes Jeff Daniels seem like a Hollywood outsider. 
Luckily Rience won't last too long because there is no way that Trump is going to be able to listen to a word that this pencil necked geek will utter.  Trump will likely shove him in the locker next to the one he shoved Jeb! into and then will likely hire Baron to take over the roll. 

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