Friday, November 25, 2016

Take on Jill Stein's Money

Jill Stein got about as many votes as Harambe yet somehow the left now trusts her to hold the fate of our country in her menopausal hands.   I get that this was going to come up and I understand that there are vast groups of people who feel a need to check the scoreboard a thousand times but somehow nobody could have wanted Jill Stein to run this thing.  First of all, she's about as equipped at running anything as I am, and that should give nobody any confidence. Secondly, today they came up with a statement that said they weren't able to guarantee that the four million dollars that they raised actually will go towards a recount and not just a pizza party and a couple Make America Green Again hats.  

Please just go back to the set of Golden Girls and let us be done with this craziness 

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