Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Take on the higher gas prices in NJ

I grew up in New Jersey which always meant that you sort of bow your head and look away when you tell somebody where you are from.  Yeah we have great musicians, the best diners, the Sopranos, a shore line which is pretty cool and at least most of the state doesn't looks and smell like a sewage plant.  Oh yeah we also have really cheap gas, oh wait..

One of the biggest advantages to living in New Jersey just disappeared like a Crispy Cream donut in front of our governor and now we're just like every other state, overtaxed and under funded.   

We went from gas that cost $1.99 to gas that costs $2.22 overnight.   The legislature and our fat corrupt governor tell us that this will be used for much needed road construction which  I'm all for, but knowing what happens in Jersey, you understand immediately that we'd be lucky if we get $0.05 out of the $0.23 to actually end up digging tunnels and replacing highways.   
The first thing that will happen is that Christie will throw a pizza party, ordering in 500 pies (we have great pizza in this state) and he'll likely eat them all up himself.   Then Pauly and Silvio will show up and skim a little off the top, and dump the evidence next to asbestos in the swamp.  
Then we'll blow a bunch of it on some failed campaign to bring tourism to the state and finally we'll probably forget to actually do any of the work. 

At least we don't have to pump our own gas 

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