Sunday, November 27, 2016

Take on the rigged election

It was only a matter of time but somebody was able to get under TeflonDon's skin with the entire recount thing.  Granted, this is just the democrats being sore losers as there is nobody who believes there is any large scale voter fraud that would have turned this election.  But it's also hypocritical for them to call for a recount now after chiding Trump about his "rigged" calls before the election.  I get that there were some possible abnormalities in some counties in Wisconsin but that doesn't explain Pennsylvania or Michigan or Florida or Ohio or any other place where she lost.  

Of course now Trump has gotten his panties in a bunch and went on a twitter rant about how the Stein/Hillary call for a recount is crap and just sour grapes especially because there were millions of illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary giving her a rigged popular vote lead.  

At this point I'm just hoping to open my eyes and it's 2020 and I still have my house, my family and all my rights. 

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