Saturday, October 29, 2016

Take on Yuengling

I love beer and if it weren't for the fact it would make me incredibly fat I'd drink the stuff everyday.  I love IPA's but never pass up a good lager or ale but the one which I have never found appealing is the cat piss they put in a bottle and call Yuengling.  Maybe it's the fact that the stuff tastes like it's been filtered through size 14 sweat socks or because their claim to fame of being the oldest domestic brewery also means that they probably haven't updated their recipe since militias were carrying our bayonets but the stuff is just wretched. 

But forget my tastes buds, everybody has a  right to their option and political views but now it's gotten personal.  This week Eric Trump met with Dick Yuengling  which was memorialized in a twitter post and which can only be described as a photo of two of the creepiest looking people in a single room.  Eric with that "I'm looking to go bowling with your snatch" smile and Dick with his two sizes too tight khakis and leather bowling shoes. 
It just got worse when the old man threw his full support behind Eric's dad's quest of becoming overlord is the country which Dick probably somehow thought would help his company because the only time people are more likely to get loaded than when they are happy is when they are depressed.  
I believe that anybody has the right to support anybody in the same way that I respect anybody to now never drink that cat piss they call beer again.  This beer is dead to me, Dick Yuengling can spend the rest of his dying days rescuing stray cats or bowling with them, I'll never have another bottle of his cat urine again.   

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