Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Take on the Vice Presidential debate

I am a bit of a national political junkie and follow almost everything on the presidential level about as closely as any reasonable person can be expected to.  With that said, the thought of watching Mike Pence and Tim Kaine debating today makes my hair hurt.  I get that its about as important a VP debate that we'll ever have as there is a reasonable chance that our next president either drops dead or is jailed before their term is up.   But I can't tell you how not exited I am about sitting up till 11pm tonight listening to policy minutiae from these two.  The one guy looks like a a cross between Lute Olson and Greg Olsen and the other looks like Jack Nicholson's joker without the makeup.  

But maybe I don't have to watch since the GOP has already announced that Pence has won the debate 

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