Monday, October 10, 2016

take on The Stalker

If you haven't convinced the electorate the ruin are an unstable, misogynistic psychopath, maybe lurking behind a woman like you are lion stalking a gazelle will work.   The fact that Donald Trump even walked on stage last night was a miracle to some but not me, somebody so narcissistic, so egomaniacal, so self centered, so warped cannot be corralled because he will never give up the spotlight and the only way we can ever be rid of him is in a straightjacket.   He's like a bad case of jock itch which only gets more red and emboldened when you scratch and gnaw at it but somehow we have a nation which cannot see the fire five feet from their face because, you know, Benghazi.  
Hillary wasn't great yesterday, not heeding her own advice to "go high" although with Trump that can't be easy for even the most disciplined  politician.  And when he gets her in the mud, he wins.  It's like a boxer getting allowing the fight to be dictated by a brawler when they would be better off jabbing, juking and moving. 
But what I can't get is why every political analyst says that regardless of how he was perceived Trump failed to use the opportunity to expand his base, suggesting he should have done a better job outreaching to Hispanics, Muslims or educated white woman as I'd that is even a possibility.   After this week, the month and this campaign, the damage he has done to those (and many other) group is never going to be fixable.  No amount of faux outreach at a debate will now convince an intelligent educated woman to vote for him, a self respecting Muslim to let him wipe it under the rug or a Hispanic voter for selling their soul.  
But Trump has never been about getting more people under the tent, he's about scaring us of a bear in the woods then sticking us all under his tent and then declaring bankruptcy while walking away when a hurricane is bearing down on our campsite 

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