Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Take on Romanian urinals

Can somebody explain to me what kind of planning goes into a Romanian men's room.  You walk in and find two urinals about 2 feel apart and sitting at a 90 degrees angle from each other.  I remember enough geometry that a squared plus b squared equals me bumping into another dude if we are both taking a leak.  This is especially awkward if one of us is a lefty.   
This setup basically forces you to French kiss the porcelain with you winky which also guarantees you leave the country with her herpes, aids, the clap and one of those coughs that you can't ever seem to kick

Although with the strategically placed drain you can maybe just whip out your Romanian Ursus and piss all over the floor.  

Thanks a lot  

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Baby Stu said...

Those are the sinks, you animal!