Sunday, October 30, 2016

Take on Theo Riddick's face

22 years ago when OJ Simpson was first accused of murder, Time Magazine was widely criticized for darkening his mug shot to make him look more menacing. It was particularly odd because all of the other weekly news magazines just printed the original mug shot, so sitting next to each other on the newsstand, it was really obvious that Time had altered theirs.  
When I scrolled over to Detroit Lion running back, Theo Riddick's Google Page to see his game log, I noticed they had two photos of Theo next to each other.  It was odd as most players just have one and I guess if they had two they might be two vastly different photos. But in Riddick's case, they are the same exact photo, just one slightly lighter than the other.  I have no idea which one properly represents his skin tone or if one is his summer look and the other his winter look but it seems a bit odd

He went for about 66 yards rushing today, so good for him 

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