Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Take on the new Delta uniforms

I caught an article today about some new uniforms for the Delta fight attendants and by the photo, it looks like a bonanza of hotness for  people who leave a lot of business in Minneapolis or Detroit.   The problem is that for somebody who does actually have a lot of business in these places, these uniforms aren't going to be all they are cracked up to be.  First of all, the average flight attendant working for Delta has blue hair and cankles the size of tennis balls.  There is nobody who wants to be on a 14 hour flight from Detroit to Beijing with a chick who is 20 years past menopause who is forced to walk around in a miniskirt and 3 inch heels.  Just leave these ladies with their old aprons and 5pm dinner times and wait for the next generation.... or do what the Asian airlines do and pull a Trump.. just keep reading the last model in for a younger hotter one 

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