Thursday, October 20, 2016

take on the third debate

We're three weeks away from the biggest election since..well...four years ago.   I spent the week in Europe having to somehow explain to a bewildered people that there are actually voters in the USA who want Donald Trump to win this thing.   
I did stay up till 4AM to watch the debate which was about as much fun as staying up till 4AM ever is with my eyes glued to CNN.  
the takeaways from the debate will inevitably be three lines.. Bad Hombres, Nasty Woman and I will keep you in suspense, all of which instantly turned Twitter on it's head as the worst thing any major candidate has ever said since.. well a few days ago..

The odd thing with this debate was that for thirty minutes we kind of got presidential Trump which meant that he spoke in that low voice and didn't scream too much and also meant that there were likely thousands of TVs that turned off because presidential Trump is boring Trump. There were no major outbursts, no weird sniffles, no stalking Hillary like she was a gazelle and nothing too outlandish and it looked like we might actually get some, gasp, policy debate..  But ever the showman, it was only a matter of time until we went from some boring scene of a lame man doing lame crap to a full on meltdown and it came right on cue. 

Hillary was better prepared for this one than any of the others and that's saying something as she methodically took down Trump and goaded him until he pulled a Trump and went nuts.   Watching Trump at a debate shows that he really has the attention span of a four year old because after about 22 minutes, he loses it.   He tries to stay the course but it takes almost nothing to rattle him and Hillary just sits back and waits for him to become unhinged.. 

most people will say that his line about keeping us in suspense for his acceptance of the election results was his most dangerous but I think it's worse.  It's not that he will not accept them or that he'll get his crazies to follow suit but that this is a discussion at all.. I believe the American voters will refute the Trump brand with the kind of vigor we haven't seen since Mondale but then again I assume the best about people and think that in general most people will do what is right for humanity..

the only question that remains is whose job was easier.. Tina Fey's 8 years ago or Alec Baldwin's today

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