Thursday, October 27, 2016

Take on Melania Trump's big secret


Back in 2014, the future First Lady of the United States sent her husband a dirty tweet that was probably easily forgotten since her husband was, at that point, just a blowhard TV star.  But like we have all learned, things posted on the internet never die.  
I clicked on the link and saw Melania dressed in some kind of feline bathing suit in a pose that is guess is suppose to be attractive.  The issue isn't the fact that it's a bit odd ogling a future First Lady but what I can't get over is the fact that it looks like she is packing heat.  I have always thought she looked a bit manly but now I'm convinced that the biggest con job TeflonDon is pulling is not that he isn't wearing any clothes it is that he's convincing the world that his wife is actually hot.   She has that plastic face, those manly arms and now it's obvious she is either built like Chyna or she is hung like my Chinese buddy.    

Although this might explain her husband's peculiar way of grabbing a chick.  

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