Sunday, October 2, 2016

Take on apple picking

There is nothing more/less fun than apple picking, and today proved that again.   It's one of those activities which sounds better than it actually is, you schlep two hours out to some orchard only to find that every tattooed derelict  is there picking apple, too.  The apples all seem to have worms in them, the kids scream and complain about wet feet and the entire time I'm trying to forge a smile because my feet are soaked, too.  The problem is that there are a thousand bruised beat up apples all over the ground and either your two year old is likely to pick one up and eat it or your seven year old is bound to pick up a other and throw it at your four year old all while you can't get any cell phone service to check on your crappy fantasy football team 

The good news is I'll be eating apples for a month

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