Sunday, October 9, 2016

Take on the second debate

The Red Wedding has nothing on this Sunday night and the debate hasn't even started yet.   I  have to think that the NFL's dropping ratings this year will not be helped by the biggest shitshow they have ever had to compete against as I even imagine that Al and Collinsworth will be checking their iPhones throughout the night

I'm thinking the following 

Hillary gets the first question and doesn't take the bait, leaving it hanging there like a big matzah ball.  Not because she won't be prepared but because she will be prepared, she doesn't need to pounce on it, she just needs to give TeflonDon enough rope to let him hang himself

Trump will start off in that low voice to try to come off as having some contrition but it won't fly because, well, he's an egotistical scumbag 

Hillary will bait him and Trump will bite into it and then just blow up.  Nothing will be out of bounds, Bill, Vincent Foster, the emails, Benghazi, Monica..everything 

Hillary will just sit back and watch as Trump goes full manic, storms out of the room before storming back to tell Hillary she's a bitch

Everybody will be stunned and nobody will know what to say and then his ratings with his core supporters will jump by 2%

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