Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Take on the Gary Johnson supporter

What bothers me most about this election is how people will constantly say to me that they can't vote for either candidate as they are equally awful.   They will tell you that they are abstaining or voting for Gary Johnson because they cannot stomach either one as if this is some kind of badge of honor when all it is is an act of cowardice. 
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not the same, they are the furthest thing from the same and putting them in the same category is an insult and abstaining to vote (or voting Gary Johnson as a protest) is as chicken-shit as it gets. 

 I'd guess that 95 % of the people who "support" Gary Johnson generally know less about Gary Johnson than Gary Johnson knows about international affairs and that is a scary thought. Their non-vote, or their defacto non-vote, is a classic example of passing the buck.  These are people who are ostensibly voting for Trump make no bones about it as they have accepted a Trump presidency as a possibility they could live with.   

The issue is that there is his narrative that Hillary and Trump are two peas in a pod, but they are not. 

One is a serious candidate, with experience, temperament, policy positions etc.  the other is a xenophobic, misogynistic, race baiting child whose 'policy' position is summed up with "believe me".    You can argue about Hillary's positions, decisions or vision for the country, she is far from perfect but she is a serious candidate.  This argument cannot be made for Trump. 

So don't tell me about Gary Johnson unless you are willing to accept responsibility for Donald Trump

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