Friday, October 28, 2016

Take on Anthony Weiner's web

I guess Danger is his middle name, Anthony Weiner somehow managed to get himself and his party in more heat and for the first time it didn't (directly) involve him sending a dick-pic.  

What frightens and annoys me the most is that Hillary, who has had her eye on the presidency since she left the White House with a bunch of rugs and furs back in January 2001, could be either so corrupt or so careless.   When she set up that server, she must have know that there was a significant change of it coming out, anybody with any sense of US presidential history knows how much the Nixonian play is despised and feared.      She just cannot have been so dumb to think that this would t be a big issue knowing what we know about her intelligence and street-smarts, so the only conclusion I have ever had was that she was hiding something and thought it was worth the risk.   I will still support her fully if for no other reason than that Trump is pure danger but if she loses to this maniac, I will never forgive her for this thing. 

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