Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Take on the debate.

We stayed up late to watch the VP debate which was like having two middle aged guys argue over who had the hotter girlfriend in high school.  It gave the American public a chance to learn a little about the #2 men without their cohorts sucking the oxygen out of the room which for one night is fine.  

Our impression was the Tim Kaine comes across as the drunk guy at the end of the bar who tries to engage everybody in some conversation they have no interest in having and Pence is John Cougar Mellencamp. 

Neither one came out that well as Pence was low on content and Kaine was high on something but I guess they both filled the role their bosses asked them to do.   Kaine who looks like the guy who after he annoys everybody at the bar walks out and whips out Little Timmy and pees on the street didn't stop interrupting either Pence or the moderator and we half expected him to burst into rhetorical bluster when they played the Star Spangled Banner.  This guy must be a joy to have over for dinner.  

Pence on the other hand came across as confident and calming even if there is nobody in America who actually believes he has any love for Donald Trump.  This was his tryout for the 2020 GOP nomination although the rest of the field will hang him on his Trump support. 

At the end of the day, Pence probably won for no other reason than that Kaine just looks like a drunk chihuahua when he gets into his thing.   I like my VP like I like my Tuesday nights, quiet and boring. 
The good news for GOP was that they didn't have to update their website which probably saved a couple of bucks which in an economy which is apparently falling apart and worse than anything anybody has ever seen has to be a good thing...

By the way Mike Pence, it's Longwood University not Norwood University.   Wide Right 

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