Sunday, October 23, 2016

Take on the CBSSports app

I've been playing fantasy football for years and have been using CBSSports for all of them.  We started on a thing called CBSsportsline but at some point they dropped the sportsline part.  The problem is that over all of these years they had still not figured out how to run an app, the one they have has to be one of the worst things ones in the world considering it cannot complete one of its main core task. Every time you click on an NFL game, the stupid app freezes which is sort of annoying for an app where you constantly click on the NFL games. I literally find myself switching over to safari browser and going to because the cbssports app is so unresponsive, slow and unreliable 

How in 2016 they still cannot figure out how to write even a decent app is amazing to me 

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