Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Take on the Kelyanne kneeling thing

When I saw the photo of Kellyanne Conway on her knees on the oval-office couch, I turned to my wife and said "this won't end well"   I'm not sure what got me, but it wasn't the fact that some losers were annoyed she had her shoes on.   It was just this weird seductive looking pose, on her knees in front of a room full of smiling dudes that made me think, well this like Monica Lewinsky all over again

I'm not calling it anything that it isn't and although she's no angel I certainly wasn't her idea to appear like she's Annabel Chong  on the Howard Stern circa 1993.  
I don't think she disgraced the White-House, I don't think she did anything wrong other than just take a ridiculous group photo with her iPhone instead of getting, I don't know ,the White House photographer to take it using his the big ridiculous Nikon he has set up on that camera stand for occasions just like this.
anyway, i'm just happy that she's allowed back in the Oval Office, not sure where she's been hiding for the last few weeks (maybe under a desk??) after she apparently went rogue on a couple of Sunday Morning shows.   The world is better (or much worse) with her standing right behind Trump.. or I guess kneeling in front of him..  I really don't know but she's certainly gives a lot of fodder for SNL


Mr. R. Lee said...

Is the Wicked Witch actually taking a selfie in that shot?? Looks like it.

Nothing like a used up blonde taking a selfie kneeling in a room full of smiling big black dudes and 1 white guy with tiny hands.

DeSean Jackson said...

Yo, I saw that on Bang Brothers!! Shit yah!