Sunday, February 12, 2017

Take on the Stephen Miller Band

I have a buddy who has a striking resemblance to Stephen Miller, down to the creepy eyes but nothing could prepare me for that abomination I saw today when Miller stopped by George Snuffleupagus on the This Week set. Miller who is 36 and might very well still be a virgin, looked like a child when confronted with a simple question of "show me the facts". Unlike Kellyanne Conway, who is a seasoned political snake, Miller came across as a toothless gecko who sounded like he was arguing politics on a anonymous online forum. Of course we all awaited his bosses tweet on his performance which read, to me, as the same vote of confidence Phil Jackson will give Jeff Hornacek in April this year.


Mr. R. Lee said...

He is actually just 31. The early baldness, slack jaw, sleepy eyes, and overall micropenis aura just give off the air of the 40 Year Old Virgin.

But he is just the 31 year old virgin.

Righetti said...

We need more 31 year olds with no governmental experience (or sexual experience) running the White House. That seems like a recipe for success