Thursday, February 2, 2017

Take on the first two weeks

Donald Trump is nothing if not incompetent. In nearly two weeks as the Leader of the Free world he has infringed on the rights of lawful residents, he's exaggerated and then doubled down on his crowd sizes, he has threatened to use federal authority to go into Chicago and maybe Mexico, he has driven a wedge between the US and Australia, staunch ally. He has disgraced the CIA fallen wall, he embarrassed himself with his lack of historical knowledge, he has turned the SCOTUS into a game show, he may have forced the military to push a raid in Yemen under circumstances that were far from ideal, he has insulted critics, he has stroked bigotry, he has demonized the press and it's only 14 days in
But the funniest thing is that on Black History month, he spent more time attacking fake news than speaking about the perils of slavery. He made it clear that he had no idea who Fredrick Douglas was and he almost spoke longer about Omarosa than Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Douglas and Harriet Tubman combined. But he did let everybody know that he is good friends with Ben Carson because...well..Ben Carson is black. I was surprised he didn't mention Steve Harvey, Kanye West and Bill Cosby.
The good news is that it can't get worse, right? We are all under the impression that Bannon and Miller are running the show and Trump is actually the puppet he denied being.
Thanks America

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