Thursday, February 23, 2017

Take on the ID line

Maybe I'm a few hours late on this but WTF is going on with forcing people to show ID when getting off of an airplane on a domestic flight? From what I'm reading, immigration officials were looking for some illegal and customs officials forced every person from a delta flight from San Francisco to NY to show identification proving they were not the wanted Mexican or Guatemalan or whatever. So a party who claims to champion personal rights is now ok with having every Joe, Dick and Guillermo show ID at any point that a customs official says boo. Love the land of the free we live in.

But what is the most annoying about this entire thing is that you have to think this will make deplaning a two hour affair. If every person on a 200 person flight needs to show ID and stand there for thirty seconds, we are talking about 1:40 to get off the plane. Forget about making your connection, Chachi

I'll be sure to keep my ID in my underwear when I get on a flight to Florida next week.

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Mr. R. Lee said...

It's really going to suck for anyone who looks remotely Latino when any law enforcement agency or immigration agency is searching for a guy named, "Jose Gonzalez."