Sunday, February 19, 2017

Take on Dancing in the Darkness

I finally figured out what makes Chris Christie so obsessed with Donald Trump, it's probably not the hard charging bully thing or the meatloaf, it's that Trump pretends he's Springsteen. Yesterday during the beginning of the 2020 presidential campaign, Trump pulled Courtney Cox onto the stage and he guy practically made out with him. The dude had been waiting on line for 14 hours like he was some obsessed Yankee fan and got serenaded by the president in front of the entire world. We found out later that Mr. Cox has a cardboard cutout of Trump which he salutes daily, presumably on his knees
Hope there was some extreme vetting on this psycho before he got on stage and then crowd surfed back to his seat


Mr. R. Lee said...

I didn't watch Der Fuhrer's rally, so I have no idea what this update is about.

DeSean Jackson said...

That stupid rally was about some old white dude sucking another old white dude's dick.

Fuk that sheeit. Sick fuks. Da fuk is wrong with u white people. Sucking old dude's dicks on live Facebook feeds. All y'all is sick.

Marshawn T. Lynch said...